For your house
Products to facilitate your daily life and bring more health and taste to your life
A complete line of practical and tasty products in 2 portions for you to give your finishing touch.
Diced Potatoes
Whole Potatoes
Diced Beetroot
White Hominy
Shredded Jerked Beef
White Beans
Carioca Beans
Black Beans
Brazilian Feijoada
Cooked, Shredded Chicken Breast
Cassava (Baroa)
Vegetable Selection
Shredded Pork
Sweet Potatoes
Practical and tasty alternatives for a quick and healthy meal. Just warm up and it´s ready.
Whole-grain rice
Meat in Sticks
Carioca Beans 250g
Black Bean 250g
Corn on the Cob
Ready and nutritious organic products for you to use all your creativity in the kitchen.
Bio/Organic Brown Rice
Bio/Organic Carioca Beans
Bio/Organic Black Beans
Bio/Organic Quinoa
Bio/Organic Soy Beans
Bio/Organic Mix Quinoa
Bio/Organic 7 Grains
Ideal portion of the The Final Touch Is Yours line products. In the right size for you!
Diced Potatoes 250 g
Whole Potatoes 250 g
Whole Beetroot 250 g
White Beans 250 g
Blackeye Peas 250 g
Chick Peas 250 g
Cassava 250 g
Mandioquinha 250 g
Mixed Vegetables 250 g
Carioca Beans 250 g
Black Beans 250 g