Our Values

Working to contribute with the improvement
of the quality of life of our employees, the society
and the community we are part of.


Provide consumers and customers with a high level of practicality and speed in the preparation of healthy, safe and tasty food.


To be a reference company for the pioneering and innovation in practical and healthy foods.


  • Integrity
  • Open Communication
  • Staff/Team Perspective
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
Ícone Planta Crescendo

Social Environmental Responsibility

  • We generate hundreds of direct employments and thousands of indirect employments, through the increase of agriculture production and commerce of our  products.

  • We act with respect to human values ​​in all segments, from the relationships with employees, suppliers and partners to the final consumer.

  • We fulfill our obligations to our employees with excellence. Vapza supports the practice of physical exercise of its employees and promotes facilities for the acquisition of cooking gas and medicines.

  • We make weekly donations of products to registered NGOs and charities.

  • We sponsor one of the main projects of Preservation of the Historical Patrimony of Paraná, the “Fazenda Capão Alto” (Capão Alto Farm), thar gave origin to the Municipality of Castro, where our factory is located. This is an archaeological-school site that serves the municipality schools and tourists.


We believe in sustainable development and apply the correct practices of environmental management in its Local Security, Quality and Environment Policy.

In the environmental area Vapza has responsibility towards the environment. One of the actions is the Solid Waste Management Plan (PGRS), managed by Vapza in partnership with Carambeí Ambiental, aiming the proper disposal of recyclable and non-recyclable waste. Properly separated in solid, semi-solid and recyclable waste, all receiving the appropriate destination:

  • Paper, cardboard and plastic are collected weekly and taken to a specialized recycling company

  • Organic solid waste are destined for animal feed through the partnership with registered rural properties

  • Liquids go through the Fluid(Effluent) Treatment Station (ETE), according to the Environmental Institute of Paraná (IAP)

  • Always attentive to the preservation of the native forest of the region where the plant is installed, we performed with excellence the procedures indicated by the SISLEG - Maintenance, Recovery and Protection System of the Legal Forest Reserve and Permanent Preservation Areas of the Environmental Institute of Paraná.