Food Service Line
All the quality and practicality of Vapza products are also available to the corporate customer: it is the Vapza Food Service, professional line specially developed to save time in production and make your venture grow.
Professional lines specially developed to save time in production and make your venture grow.

Meeting market requirements and national and international legislation, Vapza Food Service products have been specially designed to meet your needs, regardless the type of your business.

The goal is to help offering, with agile and committed service, exclusive food for finishing cooking, with better standardization of the production process, high level of quality, practicality and cost reduction.

The work is ours, the benefits are yours.
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No refrigeration needed

Vacuum packed and cooked inside the package, Vapza products have long life, must be stored at room temperature and do not need refrigeration or freezing.

Natural products

The raw materials used are acquired from registered producers and undergoes rigorous selection and control prior to the release into production. In addition, the use of preservatives is avoided.

Cleaning and Organization of Spaces

With the practicality of the Vapza products, the amount of utensils used for the preparation becomes smaller, as well as the manpower, facilitating the organization and cleaning of the kitchen.

Economy and Cost Reduction

Since the Vapza products are already cooked and require no refrigeration, the energy, cooking gas, water and manpower costs are reduced.

Food Safety

The high temperature steam cooking process ensures that all Vapza products are sterilized and free from contamination risks.

Process Standardization

The products undergo standardization of cutting, texture, taste, quality and finalization of the product; any day or time of year the product is always the same.

Eliminating Leftovers and Reducing Waste

All Vapza products can be fully used, leaving no leftovers.

Practicality and Higher Productivity

Being already cooked and ready for various preparations, the Vapza products provide practicality and agility reflecting higher productivity.

Easear replacement

Since the products are already cooked, the food replacement in buffets becomes much more agile.

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